Generation 2 Heir Poll

We’re finally done with the second generation! It’s funny, Generation 1 took a little over a month to get done, while Generation 2 took over three months. I need to pick up the slack.

In case you need reminding, we have three heir candidates.

The first-born (although I’m not sure it was ever mentioned) is Alaric Doe!

Alaric is:






Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

Plot recap: As a child, Alaric was a slightly obsessive perfectionist who was fascinated by power. He also enjoyed annoying his brother, Beckett. His first action as a teenager was to extort a promise from Beckett to support his campaign for freshman class president, not telling him that Beckett’s girlfriend, Madeline, also planned on running. He did this intentionally both to take advantage of Beckett’s popularity and to drive a wedge between Beckett and Madeline. Alaric wins the election and exchanges some cryptic words with Madeline about satisfying victories against worthy opponents. When Beckett and Madeline reconcile after the election, Alaric watches them from the kitchen window and reflects on how badly he wants to beat Beckett – who he thinks has an unfair advantage at life – at something. When he sneaks off from one of Beckett’s soccer games, he finds Madeline skating, which she is very good at, and the two of them bond over their shared frustration about being in Beckett’s shadow. After Beckett is injured, Alaric gets himself elected prom king so he can dance with Madeline, who is queen. Finally, at their graduation party, he comforts Madeline after a fight with Beckett and she kisses him. He tells her that she will have to choose between him and Beckett, because she can’t have both.

What’s next for him?
Alaric plans to move out and pursue a career in politics, as his eventual goal is to become Leader of the Free World (and finally prove that he’s more successful than Beckett). He hopes to have Madeline by his side, but if she doesn’t choose him he will find another woman to be his ideal First Lady.

What am I willing to tell you about his rolls?

Family Structure – You’ll have to wait and see, but there have been hints

Number of Children – No clues as of yet

Primary Career – Politics

Secondary Career – No clues as of yet

Generational Goal – This is the one roll Alaric shares with his dad! (Perfect Careers)

Miscellaneous Fun – No clues as of yet

Your second candidate is middle child and only girl, Jade Doe!

Jade is:



Couch Potato


Photographer’s Eye

Lifetime Wish: Visionary

Plot recap: Jade was first introduced as a girl with self-esteem issues and sticky fingers who loved soap operas. Her best friend is her cousin Eve, who gave her a camera for her thirteenth birthday. From then on, Jade took all the pictures for their school newspaper, which is run by Jade, Eve, and their friend Marc. Shortly after she became a teenager, Jade started dating Ted, a very practical boy with a rigid moral compass. She thinks these traits are good for her, since she is slightly flighty and has a tendency to take things that don’t belong to her. Jade’s friend Marc likes her and does favors for her, but she is oblivious and determined to make things work with Ted. Jade starts to fail math because she has trouble understanding the material and is afraid to ask for help, and when her teacher is disrespectful to her, she gets frustrated and steals a paperweight off his desk. When she tells Ted about the incident (leaving out the stealing part), he takes the teacher’s side, so she calls Marc, who listens to her. When Jade goes to prom with Ted, she is disappointed by his lack of romance, but continues to try to make things work. At her graduation party, Marc confesses that he’s in love with her, but that he’s leaving town to try and get over her.

What’s next for her?
Jade plans to move out with Ted, who she still thinks is the best choice for her. She wants to pursue a job in journalism, but she thinks her attention problems and poor grades in high school might stand in her way.

What am I willing to tell you about her rolls?

Family Structure – At least for now, Jade is moving in with Ted. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen.

Number of Children – No clues as of yet

Primary Career – Maybe journalism?

Secondary Career – Ted is a firefighter

Generational Goal – No clues as of yet

Miscellaneous Fun – Let’s just say that Jade’s sticky fingers aren’t just a plot device…

Your third and final candidate is Beckett Doe!

Beckett is:

Loves the Outdoors

Easily Impressed


Hopeless Romantic


Lifetime Wish: The Zoologist

Plot recap: Beckett is the youngest triplet, who was revealed to be a soccer savant way back in chapter 10. His soccer skills made him a friend, a girl named Madeline. At his thirteenth birthday party, he makes his brother Alaric a promise to campaign for him in the class president election in exchange for Alaric’s cooperation in Beckett’s plan to ask Madeline out. His childhood friend, Danica, comes to the party to see him, but he ignores her in favor of Madeline, who agrees to go out with him. Unfortunately, Madeline is also running for class president, and she gets mad at him when he refuses to break his promise to Alaric. After the election (which she loses), she forgives him after she finds out that he made the promise so he could ask her out. Beckett is recruited to play for the Llamas on the condition that he finishes high school strong, but he is starting to wonder whether Madeline is the right person for him, especially after he has more fun studying at the library with Danica than he does partying with Madeline. Unfortunately, his soccer dreams are shattered when he breaks his kneecap on the field his senior year and loses his offer to play professionally, as well as his ability to play at all. He goes into a downward spiral and fails to finish high school, which he argues with Madeline about, but he eventually decides to stabilize what little he has left and asks Madeline to marry him, unaware that she had just kissed his brother. We haven’t heard her answer yet.

What’s next for him?
Beckett is no longer sure what his life will look like, but he knows that he wants to spend it with Madeline and preferably as far from other people as possible.

What am I willing to tell you about his rolls?

Family Structure – You’ll have to wait and see…

Number of Children – No clues as of yet

Primary Income – Take a good look at Beckett’s traits, and see what you come up with

Secondary Income – No clues as of yet

Generational Goal – Living Green

Miscellaneous Fun – No clues as of yet

Have a nice little family photo!

And just for fun:

Our heir candidates as vampires! (I have no plans to make this actually happen… yet.)

A couple of logistic things:

  1. This is not the only poll I want you to vote in! Under the link to the first poll, there is a second poll that asks you where the legacy should move next. Please vote in that, too, and keep in mind how your choices could affect the plot.
  2. Both of these polls will close at 5:00 pm (EST or UTC-5) on May 17.

Now vote!


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